About us

The Nagy és Fiai Kft. has began its operation in the year of 1991, we bravely  declare that our colleagues have the appropriate experience in the field of trade.

In 2005 we have expanded our services with trading of golf equipments and in 2006 we have obtained the distribution rights for Hungary for trading all driving range- and golf course equipments of RangeKing Ltd and Standard Golf Ltd. In 2007 we have also obtained the distributor rights for Romania and Bulgaria.
In addition we are in good connection with Taiwanese and Chinese golfball- and golf equipment manufacturers. Nowadays the rate of quality/price of these products is not only approaching but sometimes is passing the quality of European or American products.

Additionally in 2007 - first in Hungary - we have launched our new service, letting golf buggies with short - and also for long terms. More information about this service and advertising on golf buggies at www.golfkocsi.hu

Our aim is to bring the Hungarian and Central-Eastern-European golfcourse-equipments to a higher level and across this familiarize the golf as sport and recreation in Hungary, which we would like to contribute to by selling our quality products at competitive prices.

Thank you for your attention!

The golflabda.hu team