Turf Repair Tools


- Repair ball marks on your green without bending or crawling around
- Meticulously lifts dirt and grass back into place for near flawless repairs on your greens

Turf Plugger

- Ideal for replacing small areas of damaged turf
- Tube handle can be filled with plugs from any nursery area
- Adjustable blade for plugs up to 10 cm deep

Turf Repairer

- Use the Turf Repairer to quickly and easily plant or remove sod
- Cuts an 20 cm round plug to any depth
- Foot ejector plate
- Use to place distance markers

Hexagon Turf Repair Tool

- Nyolc-szögletû forma gyors és egyszerû kivágására alkalmas
- Cuts plugs that are 17.8 cm wide and up to 10.2 cm deep

Turf Doctor

- For invisible sod replacement and no play delays, use the Turf Doctor to replace damaged sod
- Four 23 cm razor sharp blades drive into the ground to remove a wedge-shaped block of turf

If you need more information regarding our turf repair tools please do not hesitate to contact us!