Payment systems

Magnetic card payment system

- No more coins inside dispensers prevent from burglary
- LCD display shows number of credits left on the card
- After deduction of a credit the system punches a dot in the card

Magnetic cards

- Disposable paper cards sold in the shop encourages golfers to visit the shop before going to the driving range
- cards can be customized with your organization's name and logo or another message of your choice.
- Adjust value of credits by changing the card price


- Can be used by any kind of golf ball dispenser
- Packed 500 pcs

Business Smart Card integrated payment/access system

Soft- and hardware specially designed for golf courses, but also applicable for other purposes. Since 1998 sold and implemented at more than 120 golf courses in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Hardware based on chipcard technology (as of medio 2005 also contactless):
- Entrance registration for for example parking lot, locker room, dressing rooms, personell area or driving range
- Payment system for vending machines, for example ball dispenser, snack dispenser, showers, illumination or heating of range bay
- Payment registration via terminal or computer for restaurant or shop (even all sales of shop items can be registered through this software)

- Registration of users (who can be defined into groups, for example greenfee, member and pro). All
personal details can be defined and stored
- Registration of use per facility per time unit

- Central data storage for management / bookkeeping
- Communication with hardware online (bus, max. 1 km) or by data transfer card
- Statistic details: use per customer, per time unit, per machine, etc.

- User details and credits are stored on the card by means of a unique code, which is the link to the data on the computer
- Card loss is registered on a ‘black list’. Black list cards cannot be used anymore. Members who have not paid for their contribution in time can be excluded for the use of certain services by use of this black list

- All customer details are stored. With that database you can study their usage behaviour
- Cash is only on 1 central point. That is convenient both for golfer and course management
- Customers do not spend money when using the card. That lowers the treshold to spend more. In the end, turnover grows.
- Credits in circulation make an attractive, remaining financing profit
- Customers finance the system through bail for the cards

If you need more information regarding our payment systems please do not hesitate to contact us!