Practice Green Cup

- Constructed of molded plastic
- Stronger webs eliminate warping
- Holds practice green marker securely
- Nine per carton

Riji Cup

- Made of chemical-resistant polymers
- Tapered sides allow easy removal from the hole
- Nine per carton

Aluminium Cup

- 5 cm on cup bottom prevent sinking in sand greens
- Reinforced bottom webs add strength without adding cost
- Approved for use on the PGA Tour
- Nine per carton

ST 2000 Aluminium Cup

- 6 cm on cup bottom prevent sinking in sand greens
- Made of chemical-resistant polymers
- Nine per carton

Sand Green Cup

- Designed for 100% sand (no grass) greens
- Steel construction
- Remove inner shell to empty sand
- Holds regular flagstick
- Nine per carton

Cup Cleaning Rack / Cup Caddie

Store, transport and wash your golf cups with ease, thanks to our new Cup Caddie
- Each rack holds 9 cups and they stack for easy transport
- They will last longer, and your players will appreciate your attention to detail

If you need more information regarding our cups please do not hesitate to contact us!